Ajubel (Sagua la Grande, Cuba , 1956).

He belongs to the 80s Generation of Cuban artists.

He has participated in the Biennials of La Habana, Castillo de la Real Fuerza -organised by the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba-, the Biennial of Sao Paulo, the Biennial of Venice in two occasions, Drawing Triennial in Warsaw, Poland; the Museum of Mexico City, as well as having exhibited in Miami, Mexico, La Habana, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Bologna, Barreiro (Portugal), Istanbul, Gothenburg and Valencia, amongst others.

Throughout his professional, Ajubel has been recognized with more than 120 national and international awards , both in design and illustration , drawing, humor and painting.

Some of these awards are the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2009 ( the Illustration Pulitzer), The Best of Newspaper Design receiving 2 Bronze Medals and an Honorable Mention, National Illustration Award , Ministerio de Cultura de España, and the CJ Picture Book Awards Korea .

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Over 19 solo exhibitions and more than 90 group exhibitions, highlighting the following:

1983   1st Encounter of Young Latin American artists, Casa de las Américas, Havana
1984   Venice Biennale, Italy
1985   DDT, Galeria Habana.
1985   Quino and the DDT, Havana
1985   Drawing Triennial, Poland
1986   2nd Havana Biennial, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.
1986   Venice Biennale, Italy.
1988   Ajubel, “Ser no ser” (To Be not To Be), Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico
1988   Galeria Evasion Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1989   Ajubel X Ajubel, Castillo de la Fuerza, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba
1989   20th International Biennial Sao Paulo, Brazil
1990   International Visual Arts Prize of Cuba
1998   Ajubel / Pinturas y otras historias, Galería Benot & Cristalarte, Cádiz
2001   “El Texto Iluminado” The enlightened text, Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid
2001   Crímenes ejemplares”, Museo Nacional de la Estampa, City of Mexico
2011   Ilustrisimos, Bolonia.
2009   ILUSTRARTE 2009/Barreiro, Portugal.
2009   Ilustrísimos, Gothemberg
2009   Tribute exhibition “Josep Renau", Homenaje al pasado, Mirada al futuro. Centre del Carme de Valencia
2010-2011 Vivan los toros” 2, La Nau, Valencia
2011  Artista lo serás tú, Exposición en la librería Panta Rhei, Madrid, Spain
2011  Kipling Ilustrado” a group exhibition. The book version, edited by Kalandraka received the National Award for Best Editing children and youth books.
2013  Exhibition Patria común, DELIBES ILUSTRADO, Museo ABC.
2013  “EX.IL exiliados e ilustrados” La Nau, Valencia, Spain
2012-2016 “1812-2012 Una mirada contemporánea” An exhibition celebrating the first Spanish Constitution. Traveling exhibition organized by the Government of Spain: Madrid, Palencia, Astorga, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Tegucigalpa, Managua, San Salvador, Santo Domingo, México D.F. , Miami.
2014   Robinson Crusoe Exhibition, Mimesis Art Museum, Seoul.
2015   Aluna Art Foundation, Miami

Awards and Distinctions

Awards and Distinctions

Through his professional career, Ajubel has been recognized with over 120 national and international prizes in design, illustration, drawing, cartoon and painting, among them:

1975  Prize “To be or not be”, Poland
1981  2nd Prize, International Meeting of Humor and Arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
1983  9th Prize, International Meeting of Satire, Knokke Heist, Belgium.
1983  Puls magazine Prize, International Meeting of Humor and Arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
1985  Stersheri Magazine Prize, International Meeting of Humor and Arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
1985  Triennial Drawing Prize, Poland
1985  Political Satire Prize, Forte dei Marmi for The World´s Best Political Satire Publication
1987  1st Prize, International Meeting of Satire Humor, Montreal, Cánada
1994  2 Bronze Medals and a Mention of Honor awarded by The Best of Newspaper Design, USA
1994  First Prize,Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, Turkey.
1996  3rd Prize,Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, Turkey.
2003  Premio Nacional de Ilustración. National Illustration Award given by Ministerio de Cultura, Government of Spain.
2003  Prize for designing the new international brand image for Wines of Spain, received by ICEX.
2008  Prize for The Best Illustrated Book, Council for Culture, Valencia. Spain. 2009 BOLOGNA RAGAZZI AWARD 2009 for ROBINSON CRUSOE edited by the prestigious publisher MEDIA VACA. 2009 Robinson Crusoe selected for the White Ravens List 2009, Munich, Germany. 2009 Robinson Crusoe, Prize at the international competition, Titan, Portugal. 2009 Prize at the 2nd CJ Picture Book Awards, Corea, 2009.

2011 Selected among the 50 finalists for the 3rd award of Illustrations, Corea, 2011. 2015  32o Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, Turkey.

Panorama of Spanish Illustration. He has collaborated with the prestigious publisher Media Vaca with several collective titles and one of personal content, Robinson Crusoe, for which he received 5 distinguished international awards, among them are the BOLOGNA RAGGAZZI AWARD 2009, (the Illustration Pulitzer for children and juvenile books).
Ajubel today is highly regarded in the Illustration panorama in Spain. He generally gives talks, conferences, and workshops on illustration, design and technology in Spain and abroad (Paris, Milan, Bolonia, Xalapa, Valencia, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Albarracin, Valladolid, Canary Island and Granada).
In 2007 he is interested in application software, and starts to develop his personal projects. He goes on to directing teams of developers and engineers in 2D, 3D, VR and AR applications.
He has four eBook titles at iTunes Store. His version of El gato que siempre andaba solo by Rudyard Kipling (The cat that walked by himself ) was chosen by Apple for it´s international launching of the first iPad Mini and was also recognized by Apple one of the 5 best books in 2012 using iBooks Author.